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Buttonless Remote Control

Bikkel has designed the very first first remote control that does not make use of any buttons - yes, the first Buttonless Remote Control. Below are two demo movies showing you how the Remote Control is manipulated. After watching the video we urge you to visit our Comments page and to send us a comment. Thank you.


With no universal standard, remote controls have lost their original goal of offering simplicity and convinience to users.

The relentless effort by designers to pack their product with as much features as possible has caused remote controls to be packed with a "forest" of tiny buttons placed on ever bigger and bigger remote controls.

The buttonless remote control was designed with the following in mind; and that is to":

"Remove excess features; to a point where removing any more features will render theproduct useless." 

  Although the remote is usually used on the table, the introduction of mechanical pads makes it possible to use the remote control as a hand-held device as well. In this case the remote is held static and the pads can be moved by thumb or fingers causing the same effect as if the remote control was used on the table..


What more can one ask for ??. You will without doubt agree with us at Bikkel that this invention is has (among others) the following attributes:


  • Novel Concept
  • Easy Operation
  • No need to pick up the remote
  • No direction
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